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  • Matthew Deutsch

    The subscription does not seem to refresh.  If I import the same URL that's listed in the subscription field, the downloads an older version of the data in the calendar.  Not what's current.

  • Heidi, Time Sync

    I got the feed and refresh working for Outlook 2007.  I believe the feed is working for iPhone, Android and mac.  Let us know what calendar you are using and whether or not it is refreshing for you.

    Heidi - Time Sync

  • Matthew Deutsch

    I have tried web based calendars (, google calendar) and neither does a refresh.  When you subscribe to them, they really are just downloading snapshots of the calendar at that moment.  This seems to be a shortcoming of the calendar development, not Schedule Master.

    I have also tried Outlook 2010 and added a calendar "from Internet" and it does a refresh of the calendar frequently and has worked for me to see a real time view of the schedule.

    The bottom line, I think this is up to the developer of the actual calendar interface (outlook, google calendar, etc) to allow a periodic refresh of the calendar, not something Schedule Master can do anything about. But I could be wrong...maybe there is something.


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